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Blog Your Way to Profits - Marketing

Blog Your Way to Profits

You can save thousands of marketing dollars and boost profits with the use of a business blog. Blogs are easy to use, can be customized to compliment your business, are flexible in broadcasting information and, best of all, free.

The record shows that businesses with blogs have a definite advantage over businesses without blogs.


- Word-of-Mouth Statistics show that there are approximately 14 million blogs. Over 80,000 are added daily. There are 50 million users that are also readers. The advantage is obvious. Imagine promoting one of your products on your blog, within days the blog could be shared with hundreds of potential customers.

- Loyalty - Blogs allow an open communications channel with your customers. This creates a sense of trust.- Feedback - Use blogs for product research or to write reviews. With the exchange of ideas you may find ways to improve your product. Or observe readers comments to establish thinking habits or behavioral patterns.- Join the Culture - In general, bloggers are helpful and friendly individuals. They would love comment on your products. But it necessary to fully embrace the blog culture.

Improve your results by submitting your blogs to blog search sites and directories. Paste the your blog, URL into the directory. Strive to offer exclusive information on a continuous basis. Information that is of value to the reader. This will incite them to return to your blog regularly.

Visualize blogs as a booths in tradeshows. Then design and maintain your blog as if it were your booth in a worldwide tradeshow. To assist with this consider using RSS feeds in combination with your blog. RSS feeds are dependent on keyword phrases to rank high on searches and allow lookers to more easily find your blog. You can also use RSS feeds to offer up-to-date news to your blog readers.

What are your company's business objectives? Once you have established a solid list of objectives then consider using a tutorial blogs to gain a better understanding of blog creation. As soon as you are ready to begin a blog, set up several "test" blogs first. Once you have the hang of it than you can work on the actual blog itself.

Starting a blog:

1Study Blog Design. Most hosting services for blogs offer pre-designed templates. If you have chosen a paid blog services than you could have their artist provide design and layout of a custom blog.

2. Make a Topic Choice. Think of topics and make sure the align with your business objectives.

3. Be Safe. Include disclaimers and limitations of liabilities if necessary. Discuss this with your coporate communications or legal department. Next create blogging policies and decide what information will be public on the blog.

4. Blog First, Market Later. Don't jump right in by saturating your blog with marketing. This will turn away readers. Instead post about 20 or so blogs, then let the marketing begin.

5. Monitor and Measure. Monitor your readers regularly and measure the results.

6. Make Adjustments. Use your statistics to change designs or content accordingly.

7. Stay Consistent. Remember you topic(s) when writing content. But you can offer some unrelated or general topics occasionally. This serves to broaden your blog's appeal.

8. Update Regularly. Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursday are great days for updating.

Now enjoy the benefits of your blog!

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Good Luck! :-)Jeff Spires

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