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How to Download Entire Picasa Web Album to DVD

Picasa web album is the fastest photo sharing service from Google. Since it's launched many years ago, more and more people use Picasa web album to store their photos, and share photo exclusively with friend and family. Also, we can make picasa web album to public and share with the Picasa community.

Picasa (the latest version is is the free software download from Google that helps you organize and edit photos on local disk, and also share your photos on Picasa Web Album. Picasa 3 works seamlessly with Picasa web album, youtube and blogger. Moreover, it allows you to backup picasa photos to CD/DVD easily. However, you can't use Picasa 3 to burn DVD slideshow with music for TV playback. This tutorial will explain how to burn picasa DVD slideshow with music to play on stand-alone DVD Player. The Photo DVD Burning Software is used to burn picasa movie DVD.

Part 1: Download Picasa Albums or Photos
You can download entire albums and individual photos onto your computer from Picasa Web Albums.

What you need to download entire Picasa Web Album

1. Picasa 3 must be installed on your computer. Free Download Picasa 3. 2. The album owner must enable 'Allow any vis itor to download my photos' on the Privacy and Permissions tab of the Settings page. Or you are the owner of Picasa Web Album. 3. Picasa Web Album account.

To Download an entire album:

1. From Picasa web album, click the album you'd like to download.
2. From the Download menu above your photos, select Download to Picasa.
3. In Picasa, if you're not signed in to your Google Account for Picasa Web Albums, you'll be prompted to do so.
4. In the window that appears, click the Download button.

You could also download an individual photo:
1. While viewing the photo you'd like to download, click the Download button above the photo.
2. Select Download Photo.
3. In the window that appears, select Save File.
4. After select save folder, click OK.

Part 2: Make Picasa web album slideshow DVD

Things you need:

1. DVD Burner and fair quality DVD disc 2. Photo to DVD Maker (Wondershare DVD Slideshow Builder is recommended. ) 3. Digital Music (for music video styled album DVD)

Picasa Album DVD Step 1: Add Downloaded Picasa Photos
Install Wondershare DVD Slideshow Builder and launch. You will start from Slideshow tab. Here, click Add Photos/Videos button, in the dialog that appears, locate "My Documents\My Pictures\Downloaded Albums", and select the picasa photos you want to make Picasa web album slideshow DVD. To add music to picasa photo album DVD, double-click empty area on background music table and select desired music files. If required, double-click photo and music so as to edit them.

Picasa Album DVD Step 2: Change Transition for picasa photos
When you have imported picasa photos, random photo transition will automatically applied to them. But you can change photo transition by clicking transition thumb on storyboard and selecting desired transition in the resulting dialog.

Picasa Album DVD Step 3: Author Picasa DVD menu
Switch to Menu tab to author DVD menu for picasa photo slideshow DVD. Many pre-made DVD menu templates are provided on the left of Menu tab. Double click desired menu template to applied. And then right-click on the right to customize menu to get a personalized slideshow DVD menu. Note that you can change slideshow DVD menu background music to favorite songs. To do so, click the browse button and select a music file from local hard drive.

Picasa Album DVD Step 4: Burn Picasa web album slideshow DVD with menu

The final step is to burn picasa photo slideshow to DVD. To do so, just select DVD Video as the output format and go to Option dialog to define correct TV standard. Finally, click Start to burn picasa DVD. Once Picasa w eb album slideshow DVD is burned, play on TV with stand-alone DVD player or portable DVD player.

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