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Can my Blog promote my Designer Underwear eStore?

Blogs, one can maintain, have greatly changed the face of the Internet. As part of social networking it has given anyone with Internet access the ability to publish their thoughts, their views, their knowledge and even their business. Successful use of a blog requires little computer or technical knowledge but can pay huge dividends in traffic if done correctly. One of the main disadvantages of blogs to date is not to perform particularly well in search engine queries.

The reason for this is a simple one. To make publishing accessible to the non-technical, unlike having a personal website the owner has limited ability to optimize each page or blog posting. Each blog sites offers the prospective blogger a choice of templates.. This basically is just another term for a web page or an html page with certain parameters to change colours, text, font, images, etc. However, search engines see all web pages very differently than humans. It searches for metatags in the coding which tells it the title of the page, the contents of the page (description metatag) and the keywords. This is vital for indexing your content. Unfortunately blogs with a template and limiting the keywords and descriptions for all blog postings mean that without a little technical knowledge it is not possible to inform search engines sufficiently on the page content.

However, there is good news. For example, on a blog site such as blogger (also known as blogspot) with relatively little technical knowledge it is possible to add individual metatags for each posting thus informing the search engines about the content of each individual blog posting. I have implemented this technique on mv4men.blogspot.com and with a certain success in terms of traffic.The following leads you though the steps necessary to make sure each of your blog postings is seen and indexed as individual pages by search engines.

Login into your blog as author and click on design. Following this click on "Edit html". You will then see the html coding of the template you are using.

Now copy and paste the following blue code somewhere in the header section of the hmtl page, for example after <head> as seen below:

optimize blogger,optimize blogspot,meta tags for blogger" name="keywords"/>
Adding Meta tags to blogger blog is very useful. Here is a tutorial on Optimizing blogger by using appropriate meta tags on homepage and post pages." name="description"/>


(1) copy and paste the full url of your new blog spot after blog.url =="

(2) insert the keywords relative to the content of the page.

(3) Insert a desciption of the content - limited to 200 words.

Having done so, save your template and your posting has been successfully optimized for search engines. Simply repeat this action on the blog template for each blog posting you wish to optimize. If done methodically you can soon see your blog postings ranking rise in search engines such as google.

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