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Blogging Tools - Search Engines - SE Optimization

From the start of entrepreneurship and business itself its always been necessary to have the correct tools in place to ensure that your business takes off the right way. Business tools comes in many forms and fashions depending what kind of business your in you just have to know where and what to look for. Thats why when it comes to the blogging business I like to equip all my Wordpress websites with the basic blogging tools. This is the actual process and plugins I install before I create, submit, or market any content or the website itself.

The first thing I do is think what type of website I want to do, is it going to be personal or Im I going to try and master a niche. If I decide to do a personal then the only thing Im typically thinking about is what problem that I have or what good thing that I have in my life that people can relate too and that I can expand on so that I will actually have someone to read my and subscribe to it.

If I take the niche approach then the step for me is to think of something people need or want that has a decent amount of search volume and that I can rank well in the major and minor search engines. This is something that is overlooked by most of the people who build niche websites they only tend to pay attention to the major search engines, but heres where the golden gem comes to play most search engines have different algorithms. Therefore you might be able to rank well Google but you can Im a lower class search engine for a high paying keyword which is awesome.

Using Market Samurai or Google Keyword Tool I research all the subjects and keywords that I can think of to find what kind of competition I will be facing and if its worth my time. I know allot of bloggers and so called gurus tell you to stay away from niches with allot of competition but the truth is the competition only matter if the websites that are in the top ten is built correctly meaning they have High (PR) page rank, thousand of backlinks, on page SEO is good, the sites have age, and if they have keywords in the domain name.

And just as a F.Y.I. article directories dont matter dont be intimidated remember those directories are nothing without you, you put the information on their site for them to survive not the other way around. (And also for a backlink and to drive traffic.

Once I have figured out my subject and found my keywords that are profitable I proceed to my favorite domain and place to host my website Godaddy.com and proceed to buy the domain with the keywords in the domain if possible.

Godaddy has a great push button installation for almost any platform you can think of so if its going to be a Wordpess site I will install it using Godaddy and then proceed to implement my blogging tools.

With Wordpress I like to install all the plugins before I move to the design or content because these are the tools that are needed to write good content and submit it.

My number one is "All In One SEO" by: Yoast

This is the number one plugin that I think that all Wordpress blogger should have it handles almost all backend SEO you can check out the tutorial here. This particular plugin lets you change:

Title heading- this can come in handy if you want search engines to recognize you something other than what your original title name.

Meta Keywords- it lets you control your home template keywords and also particular article post.

Sitemap- it lets you build a sitemap with the push of a button you can specify what you want to exclude from the list such as tags, category, post, etc.

These are just three of the 10+ things you can do with this plugin just download the plugin from wordpress.com, Yoast.com, and head over to wpbeginner.com to get the tutorial.

The number two plugin is Jet Pack

This plugin helps with mainly visiable and tracking for your site which include:

Latex- Mark up your posts with the LaTeX markup language, perfect for complex mathematical equations and other ber-geekery.

Stats- Simple, concise site stats with no additional load on your server.

Share daddy- The most super duper sharing tool on the interwebs. Share content with Facebook, Twitter, and many more.

Shortcode Embeds- Easily embed videos and more from sites like YouTube, Vimeo, and Slide Share.

Gravatar Hovercards- Show a pop-up business card of your users' gravatar profiles in comments.

After the Deadline- After the Deadline helps you write better by adding spell, style, and grammar checking to WordPress.

Twitter Widget- Display the latest updates from a Twitter user inside your theme's widgets.

WP.me Short links- Enable WP.me-powered short links for all of your Posts and Pages for easier sharing.

The maker of this plugin continue to add more and more to this plugin which is great because its free and could be easily priced at a decent rate.

The third plugin would be Disqus commenting system

Comments are great for any website that want to interact with their visitor and have a conversation but, on the other hand when you have people who like to spam your website for no apparent reason or to get a quick backlink by using some automated program that comments to your blog off subject and stuffs keywords and links. This can easily and quickly get frustrating taking time to go though and erase these types of comments all the time.

Thats why I chose Disqus they do a good job blocking spam so that you can spend more time focusing on more important things.

The fourth and Goal plugin that I would install is "WP Super Cache"

This plugin comes in handy for when you have tweeked all of your content and start to market your articles by outsourcing and getting massive backlinks. WP Super Cache is made for that moment when your website goes viral and you get that huge rush of traffic flowing through your website all at once, this plugin helps keep your sever from crashing and taking down your site leaving your potential subscribers and buyers to a "404 Not Found" sign.

I can't speak for everyone but for me that would be upsetting because no matter how you look at it you just lost allot of money, readers, friendships, and business partners if this happens.

To Conclude

There are several other blogging tools you can incorporate into you website but I would be cautious about how many plugins you upload because they may seem small but they still slow down you website the more you download and erase the ones you are not using.

QT (Quick Tip): paying someone $100 dollars to build a decent simple plugin for you market and get thousands of backlinks is always a good idea for a blogger. Creating your product that you sell on your website and that you can set up some kind of affiliate program so that other people can help you sell it is the ultimate key to blogging success. Look at all the popular blogs just about all of them have a plugin, book, or program some have all three.


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