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There is no blue print for making money on the internet. Your personal goals, timeframe and financial situation are different from others. If youre willing to do a little work and be patient, you can use your computer to generate the income you desire.

Setting up a network of websites is a great way to produce income online. These websites will feed each other traffic, pre-sell your products and services and grow your opt-in email lists.The basic steps for setting up your network include: Getting a domain name Getting a reseller account Make your first website, then your second website Link your websites together Promote your sites Make another site Link that site to your first two sites Promote your sites Repeat the process.

Assuming you know the basics of getting a domain name and web hosting, the first step is getting your first website. There are many hosting companies that offer bulk hosting or reseller accounts, such as Hostgator, Host Jester, Towerhost. For just about the same amount of money you would spend for hosting a single website, these companies allow you to host numerous websites. They also offer training videos to help you get your sites up and running.

Now that you have your domain name and hosting covered, you need to set up your first website. You have several options for this:

Pay a website designer to set up your site this can be quite expensive, but your website will be professionally done. Join a template membership site you normally need to be comfortable editing Photoshop files. Get Dreamweaver or FrontPage Dreamweaver gives you a lot more room to grow than FrontPage, and if you have students in your household you can get the full Dreamweaver MX Suite for around $199. Try NVU.com its free. Join a program like BZ9.com or Niche Site Special these are great if you dont have the time or skills, but want to get started right away.

There are also numerous books and video tutorials online to help you learn how to set up your site.

Make sure your hosting company has Fantastico so you can install content management and other scripts with one click. It will also allow you to keep your forums, blog scripts, and contact forms updated without using a programmer.

The simplest way to get started is by blogging. You can install a blog with one click using Fantastico, after installation all you have to do is add content. Even if you cant afford a domain name and hosting, you can still blog.

Search for free blogging sites, such as Wordpress and Blogger.com that will ping services when you add new content. Many of these services syndicate your content, which produces back links and public awareness.

Once youve chosen the layout for your website, you need content. There are many ways to get content for your website. Visit forums you could benefit from the people with various stages of internet marketing experience who gather here. Sites such as Warriorforum.com and Sitepoint.com are great resources for your online business. Search for PLR articles. Hire freelance writers. Visit sites like Scriptlance.com where there are hundreds of writers, programmers, and editors who bid on your projects. Read other blogs and articles in your niche for ideas.

Make sure your websites are search engine optimized by using keywords, meta-tags, titles and using anchor text to link to other sites. Some useful resources are Wordtracker.com, Nichebot.com, and Seo4dummies.com to help you understand the basics.

Once your first website has been completed, you own the rights to the words youve written on the site. For the second site, rewrite what youve already written adding additional content, and link the sites together.

The next step is to get traffic for your sites. Ezine advertising, on-line classified ads, link exchanges, directory listings, press releases, blogs, and forums are just a few of the avenues you could take to get links back to your sites.


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