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11 Easy Steps to Create Friendly Blog With Blogger.com

After you optimized your Blogspot why not optimize your blogspot to become Visitor friendly blog? If you have a number of regular visitors then its good to make them feel welcome and comfortable, which is provided with a number of features. The following are the features you can use to turn a visitor into Blogspot colleagues friendly blogs or blog-friendly visitor or enhance your blog.

Have a related topic in every post: features of this act for a visitor so that you do not go directly, with presenting a list of articles that have a post under the same category with an article that he is / has been read. Have any comment right column under the post as a comment column WordPress: with visitors like you can not open a hard-difficult popup window. For blogger beta / layout is please to: Make a comment below the post column blogspot. And for bloggers classic / classical please to: Format comments diblogspot classic. Poll Install : this feature can be utilized to provide visitors the opportunity to choose a number of options for you, eg you want to discuss what this blog? .. 1. tutorial blog 2. business tips etc.. This way you know what the theme in the visitors want. To make this please go to page element and add poll. If you are using blogspot classic, try googling with the keyword: "free poll" or go to you register for a poll and model is good. Install accessories such as Time: even if this seems frivolous, but in fact features such as this can make your blog friendly to visitors. Mas Fatihsyuhud have compiled a list of accessories that complete blog can beautify your blogspot Place a social bookmark post: if you blog visitors are the social bookmarker then it's good for them to easy submit content to your social bookmarking services lik e digg, StumbleUpon etc., and then why not help them? Please install the line to the social bookmarking. Install star ratings: this feature is exciting because I allow the visitor to give the value of your post by clicking on the stars aligning. Then go to: Star rating in blogspot. Clearing the display your blogspot: If the bottom of each post there is a social bookmarking you, and Feedburner button2x other, it will make the face look into your blogspot crowd. Then why not just hidden from the face? With so button2x will appear in a new / visitor appear after you click on one of the title. If you want to hide it, go to: Hide accessories blogger posted on the face. Having a post / most popular posts: This is in addition to making your blogspot friendly will also extend the number of clicks you diblogspot, to find out how, Agus ramadhani or O-Om.com tutorialnya have created, go to: Create a top post diblogspot. Have un popular post: this feature is a feature of the opposite post, if a show post popular in your blogspot, this feature displays a list of posts that are not popular. This is a very good post because you are not buried into the archives, to find out how masangnya please visit my friend's blog in Mxy: Unpopular Post List. Make a list of our most comment: This widget will display a list of names your blogspot commentator, but the difference this widget give backlink to the commentator. In other words, you give thanks to the commentator who has been taking the time to comment. To install, go to: Top commentator widget list. Place the recent comments / latest comment: This is useful to follow the path of discussion disalah your posts, to install kang Rohman has been made in tutorialnya: install recent comments diblogspot.

Additional: Post imoticon also in your post, so read the post more exciting by the visitor. This is my eleven ways to make my blog in blogger to become Friendly Blogs. But do not forget to chose your good template or you can modify become a good and nice layouts. Hopefully useful.

Source : Yodroo.com

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