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How To Make Flash Image Slider With Hyperlinks

How to make flash image slider with hyperlinks

The tutorial is mainly about how to make flash image slider with hyperlinks for presenting images in a best way. What you need are some images and a flash image slider maker. Here I choose Wondershare Flash Gallery Factory as the flash image slider maker.

The reasons why choose Wondershare Flash Gallery Factory are: Providing 60+ free ready-to-use dynamic flash templates ; Image caption/ image description and hyperlinks can be added;, Displaying time for each image can be set by yourself; Easy to use, all processes are automatically and instantly.

Download web gallery slideshow software or watch flash picture gallery sample first.

Now let's begin to make flash image slider with hyperlinks in simple 5 steps.

Step 1: Install flash image slider maker.

Download photo gallery software free trial and install it , then run it. You may find that the slider maker includes Gallery and Slideshow two modes . To make flash image slider, you can select both modes.

Step 2: Import images and background music

The program will go to "Browse" tab by default .Click "Add photo" build in button or just drag the images into storyboard directly to add photos to the storyboard. Then click the "Add music" build-in button to add music if you want to add background music.

Step 3: Select template for flash image slider

Flash Gallery Factory provides 3d flash templates.You can select your favorite templates. Background image or color can be changed as well. See below thumbnail to get more info..

Step 4: Add hyperlinks on images

Double click on the image, then it will turn out a pop-up page like below, select the "Properties" Tab and click on the "Hyperlink" item, input the URL you want the viewers to visit, it will be OK. Image caption and image description can be add on the image by click the "Caption & Description" item.

Step 5: Preview and publish to save your flash image slider.

Preview your flash image slider by click the start button in the bottom of the right screen. If you are satisfied with your work, publish it to swf, html, exe, or screensaver formats, or you can mail the flash image slider to your friends directly as a gift.

You can add the URL you want the viewer to visit after view the flash image slider by open the "Publish Setting" pop-up window.

1.You can embed the flash image slider on website, such as MySpace, Blogger, etc;
2. There are 18 free flash pre loaders included, click "Add Accessories" to set pre loader for your 3D flash gallery.

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