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Tips On How to Make 3D Slideshow

To create 3d slideshow, you need Photo Flash Maker Platinum - the best 3d slideshow creator program. With this program, you can create 3d slideshow with photos, music, text, transitions and wonderful 3D templates, then upload to your own website, social websites like MySpace, Live Spaces, Blogger, etc. and our free web album Go2album.

You can get more detailed tips from this tutorial website /3d-slideshow/

Photo Flash Maker Platinum provides plenty of beautiful 3D templates for you to choose. You can select from carousel 3D template, Cylinder Box 3D template, Square Box 3D template, Sphere 3D template and more. Now watch 3d slideshow showcase...

Key features of Photo Flash Maker Platinum

Supports adding photos, videos and text Provides 60+ transition effects Provides 100+ templates including 3D and other templates Supports adding link to photos and videos Enables all kinds of settings for the 3d slideshow Burn to auto-run CD/DVD Create standalone SWF file and XML-driven files of 3d slideshow for uploading to your own website, social websites and our Go2Album How to create 3d slideshow with Photo Flash Maker Platinum

Step 1. Add photos

Under Photo/FLV > File Explorer tab, choose a folder that contains the desired images, then they will show in the upper panel.

Click Add button, direct drag&drop or double click to add photos to the program.

Step 2. Apply transitions

Go to Transition Effect tab, apply transitions to your images by double clicking on the transition or direct draging&droping it to the image.

Step 3. Choose template for creating 3d slideshow

Go through Theme tab and choose 3D template from 5 different kinds of templates. Choose one 3D template to display your 3d slideshow.

Click Customize Properties button, you can change many settings like slideshow size, background color, background music properties, thumbnail properties, etc.

Click + button to add background music. You can add MP3, WMA, WAV songs and CD sound track.

Step 4. Publish 3d slideshow

After selecting and applying all things, go through Publish tab. Choose from 3 typs of publishing ways and click Publish button to create the 3d slideshow.

If you want to just watch the 3d slideshow on your computer or upload to your own website, choose the first option "Create Flash File Only". If you need to burn to auto-run CD/DVD, choose "Create a Gift/Prasentation CD/DVD". If you want to upload to our free album Go2Album or social websites like MySpace, Live Spaces, Friendster, Blogger, etc., choose the third option "Create Flash Files and Upload to Go2Album".

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