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Attentions while choosing a webhosting plan! Are you missing something important! - Internet - Web Hosting

While purchasing a web hosting plan most of people do not pay attention to some of important factors. These factors may prove beneficial in regards to marketing, cost effective, better performance and result of a website.

There are lots of web hosting industries on the internet that offer attractive and usually some common hosting plan features.These hosting features are: * Unlimited GB's of Space * Unlimited GB's of Transfer * Unlimited domain Hosting * Unlimited e-mail accounts * Unlimited MySQL Databases * Free site builder * Free domain * Free instant setup * 30 days money back guarantee * 99.9% uptime guarantee * 27/4/365 strong customer support so on.

All these are basic hosting features offered by a webhost and must be considered carefully whether they are costly or cheap web hosting.

There are some additional features that must be considered for an attractive website development and for better performance and promotion of the website, products or a business.

Some of the features are described below:

1. Blog option:Today blogs have become very influential components of the Internet and their importance is growing exponentially. Blogs are powerful source of promoting products, businesses and websites. Blogs also can be used as tools for creating on-line communities of people interested in the same subjects.

WordPress is one of them and ranks at the top position in the world of blogs. The reason behind this is a feature set offered by WordPress with lots of plug-ins and advanced blogging tools. All these provide you a freedom to have complete control over your blog. Creating a blog on WordPress is free but it does not allow a blogger to place affiliate or similar links on its free page. WordPress recommends purchasing a professional hosting plan in order to maintain your blog independently as per your need. Some webhosts provide you facilities to host the blogs and to install WordPress in one click.

It is very important to choose a webhost that provides you not only 1-click free WordPress installation but the most useful free Joomla, free Drupal and free 1-click Mambo installation.

2. Flexibility to choose website builder option:There are few webhosting service providers that offer the option of more than one website builder. This provides you full freedom and flexibility to use a variety of website templates and website creators as per your choice and simplicity. This is the best option to consider.

3. 30 days money back guarantee may not be sufficient:30 days money back guarantee is not sufficient especially when you are a new user. It may take a week, a month, or even more to plan, create and launch a website. Always choose a reputed web host that can provide you any time money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the services offered by a web hosting service provider.

4. Price and time duration:Hosting plan price must be affordable and can meet all of your requirements. For better performance and output it is recommended to go for at least 24 months hosting plan or more. It does not lead to only for better result but reduces a marginal web hosting plan cost also.

5. Customer support with all possible mediums:Aside from 24/7 supports via phone, email, live chat, FAQ and knowledge-base tutorials, it is one of the best options to get and use step-by-step video tutorials on all the topics. This is not only interesting and entertaining option but provides clear pictures on all related subjects.


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