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Create A Website For Free - A Quiz - Internet - Web Hosting

Below are questions you need to be able to answer if you are going to create a website for free. I will give you the questions and three possible answers. I will then offer an analysis on the correct answer expanding on why it is correct. After reading this article you should gain a better understanding on what you need to do to build a site for free.

1. How do I find a free domain name?

a. Put an add in the paper b. Go to freedomain.co.nrc. Look for them at garage sales

The answer is B. All you have to do is go to freedomain.co.nr and register the name you want to use. They will then give you a domain name you can register with a hosting account.

2. Can I really get free hosting?

a. Yesb. No

tso you want to check out a few before deciding which one to use. Go to absolutely-free-hosting.com it has a directory of hosting accounts that you can check out.

3. Can I get a blog for free?

a. Only in Canadab. Yes but with a waiverc. Yes, yes, yes

The answer is C. Yes you can get a blog for free and its probably the easiest way to start a website online. Just go to wordpress.com, blogger.com or blogspot.com and sign up for a free account. The best part about a blog is its already built for you and there are tons of templates and plug ins to use.

4. How do I make web pages for my site?

a. You have to take college coursesb. Use Kompozer.comc. You have to learn to read the codes you see in the movie the Matrix

The answer is B. College courses can help there is no doubt, but you dont need to go to college to build pages for your site. Just go to kompozer.com and download the software to get started. If you need some help learning to use kompozer go to:


This will help get you started on learning kompozer.

5. How do I get the pages I made online so people can see them?

a. Use FileZillab. Mail a certified letter to Google asking permissionc. Use your psychic powers and special crystals

The answer is A. You will need a file transfer client to upload the pages you created in kompozer. All you need to do is go to FileZilla.com and download the software. If you need help on how to use FileZilla I recommend going to filetransferplanet.com they have some helpful guides you can use to get started.

If you answered all the questions correct you are ahead of the game and well on your way to success. If you did not know all the answers check out the recommended sites and others, do your due diligence until you feel comfortable.


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