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6 List Building Methods Often Overlooked. There are many different techniques one could use to build a list of subscribers but we will look at six methods which are perhaps so obvious that they are often overlooked!

1. CREATE A SIMPLE OFFER.When I first begin to build my own list, I thought that I would have to offer some elaborate gifts, such as free CD's, or PDF "How to's," or maybe a even an information packed newsletter. These can be great for attracting subscribers but, I started with a simple idea of asking people if they would like to be encouraged each week. I told them that I encourage and train internet marketers and business professionals for a living, and that I would love to offer them a weekly newsletter to help them to be productive and stay focused. As my knowledge and expertise grew, I was able to incorporate specific "How to" training in the newsletters. So, you could create a simple offer that would SERVE others without ANY thought of money. When you give to others without seeking anything in return, the money WILL follow, because you have exceeded the persons expectations with your free gifts.

2. ASK EVERYBODYWhen I say everybody, I mean everybody! Ask all of your neighbors, relatives, and friends. Ask the clerk at the bank, ask the person at the supermarket check out, ask your dentist. Start by asking if you can give them your card while at the same time, asking if you can add their email address to your list so that they can receive a free...(whatever your offer). People are often very friendly and are very open to giving you their email address. Make sure that YOU write down their email address quickly so as not to interrupt their flow of business.

3. PLACE YOUR OFFER ON YOUR BUSINESS CARDIf you are like many business people, you give your business card to dozens of people if not hundreds each year. I believe that EVERY business card you hand out should tell people what you do, and also that you are willing to give them something for free to prove that you want their friendship as well as their business. Dedicate a small area to your email offer on the front or back of your business card.

4. NETWORKING AND REFERRALSOnce a quarter, send out a quick email thanking all of your email partners for allowing you to serve them. Next, you could ask them if they can send you three email addresses of friends, co-workers, or relatives that they think would benefit from your free offer. You will be surprised when you get at least 20, 30, 50 or more email addresses from simply asking. You could then send a quick email to your new referrals and let them know how you heard about them. You could then ask if they would like to be added to your subscriber email list. Your list will quickly multiply with this simple step

5. ADD A COUPLE OF OPT-IN BOXESAdd a subscriber opt-in box on your blog and/or website. I learned to make a blog in about 15 minutes from using You can also set up an email campaign & newsletter within an hour by using easy online software like or They both have easy to use video tutorials to help walk you through the process. Start with a simple newsletter (using the templates provided) and then move up to a more elaborate one once you get the hang of it.

6. DON'T SELL..SERVEI can't emphasise this tip enough, do not try to sell to people..instead serve them. The bible has all types of scriptures about how to serve others or sowing and reaping. The more people you serve, the more people will give you their business. You were created to serve. So give plenty of valuable and free information and gifts to your subscribers first, and they will be more likely to buy from you once they have learned to trust you more, and when they begin to feel like they know you a little better.

For a FREE list building mini ecourse go to and apply. There you will find tons more valuable tips to help you to get started with your own list building endeavours.


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