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10 Best Blogspot Tutorials For New Bloggers

Blogger is one of the many options available to bloggers who are looking for free blog software.Since it is free and most widely used platform in the world.so i decided towrite my first post on blogger.

This is a list of 10 articles contating best blogspot tutorials for the newbie blogger :(Must read)

1.Backup and restore your blog

Blogger had introduced import blog and export blog, backing up and restoring your blog is very easy.

2.adding back ground color to posts

Insert bak groung color or image in each individual post using div element and specify properties with in div itself

3.Blogger ads ready template

With built in ads ready space you can select from large number of choices

4.Use google docs to make a contact me form

A tutorial on making a contact me form using google docs

5.List of search engines to submit your blog

submitting your blog to search engines ,must be the first thing tyou need to to do once you have your blog ready for the outside world.

6.changing template without lossing widgets

A step by step tutorials to chnage your tutorial without lossing widget

7.How to quickly and easily get .edu backlinks

Link building is the most important thing...for long future of the blog>this article explains about method to get easy .edu backlinks using google search.

8.ADD jquery menu bar to blogger

Add a color fading jquery menu bar for blogger,can be easily added as a gadget

9.changing background image of blogger

Ever wondered how to change background image or color of your blogger .see this tutorial

10.Season effect to your blogger

Want to give autumn effect to your blogger with falling leaves all around your blog.snow effect valentine effect(heart falling)

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