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Starting a blog using blogger can be a simple or hard process depending on how to about doing it.

If your new to blogging, Blogger may be the best choice for you to start out with. After you've gotten your feet wet a little bit, or if you want to use your blog for business purposes you can think about switching to Wordpress. Wordpress in my opinion is a much better blogging system for people who are serious about blogging. But if your just blogging for entertainment purposes, Blogger is probably sufficient for your blogging needs.

Getting started with a Blogger blog is simple, all you need to do is go to Blogger.com and sign up for a free blog. If you use Gmail you don't even need to create a new account, you can just use your gmail account.

After you sign-up for your blog you need to choose a name and a template for it. The subject of your blog should determine the name of it. So try to pick a name that identifies with the subject of your blog. You don't want to mislead people and then have them turn away once they get to your blog. Try to give your blog a name that people can remember.

After picking a name for your blog its time to pick a template to design your blog around. Templates are good if you don't know how to design blog templates. The template that you choose isn't permanent so if you decide that you don't like the look of your blog, later on you can change it.

Once you've finished naming and designing the look of your blog, the next step is providing content for it. You can either create original content for your blogs yourself or you can use free information on the internet for blog content.

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