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SEO For Blogger Blogs H1, H2, H3 - Internet

Unfortunately, the blogger default templates are not totally search engine friendly, in fact you'll need to change some things in the edit html tab to get the most optimized blog you can.How to use h1, h2, h3 correctly

To optimize a blog or webpage, the h1, h2 and h3 tags should be used to tell the spiders what the different parts of the page are for. They should also be used for different purposes. Here is how to use them correctly.H1 Usage

-Should be used only once, or twice as the main header for the page.-Should contain the page title and some keywords.-At the top of the hierarchy, most important to search engines.H2 Usage

-Should be used 1 to 5 times.-Should be used as sub headers explaining different parts of the page.-Used for page relevant content only, stay within the page subject.H3 Usage

-Should be used as headers for non-relevant content.-Used for less-important headers in relation to the page content.-Used as a sub header to h2.








its yellowhigh in fibergood in smoothiesEditing The Blogger Template

In order to replicate the correct use of h tags, we'll need to change some of the h3 tags into h2 tags. The most important change of all is the post title, which by default is h3 when it should really be h2, follow these steps to make the necessary changes;

1. Open the "Design" Tab and click "Edit HTML".2. Check the "Expand Widget Templates" checkbox.3. Open your browser's find tool(ctrl+f).4. Type h3 into the search box, and click find or next.5. Now replace every instance of h3 with h2, by simply deleting it and retyping.6. You are done! You now have the correct hierarchy, page title is the h1 and post title is h2. You can tweak it further by keeping some of the widgets as h3, and adding a h3 style to the CSS part of the document.

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